Uribe Inc. believes in providing a safe working environment for all employees. We strive to maintain compliance with the regulations imposed by OSHA and the individual state regulating agencies. We continue to evaluate operational procedures to utilize engineering controls as much as possible to reduce the potential for accidents. 

 Uribe Inc.'s Safety and Health Program will  assist and train management and employees in controlling hazards and risks, which will minimize employee accidents and injuries, damage to customer’s property, damage or destruction of company property. Our commitment to safety, service, quality, and the environment is the essential part and core of our business. 

 The program is designed to insure that all employees promote the safety of their fellow workers, customers, and the environment they are working in. To accomplish our safety goals, all employee's of Uribe Inc. are responsible and accountable for implementing this policy, and to insure it is followed.

  Uribe Inc.'s most valuable assets are the people who work for us, and those we work for.


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InterMountain Gas Co. Project
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